Smart Ticketing Consulting

Apply SFMCON consulting services to specific phases of your smart ticketing program or go for a more comprehensive package where the SFMCON consultant is embedded in the specification project takes on a role as responsible for the strategy and specification

Smart ticketing strategies:

What is your starting point? What do you want to offer to your customers? Should you go for smart cards or cloud-based systems? Should you operate the new system in-house, or should you outsource?

Business case:

What are you replacing, and what are you saving by using smart ticketing?

 SFMCON – Smart Ticketing Consulting

Risk management:

Identifying and mitigating risks from start to finish

Specification of system and processes:

Do you want to specify everything in detail or be more open to agile methods and incremental releases? How do you ensure the smart ticketing system is easy to use? How do you secure efficient workflow support from the back office?

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