This year the Intelligent Transport Conference includes a full MaaS track. More about the conference and program here.

Some of the questions in the MaaS sessions include:

How do you win the consumer over to trust MaaS?

What are the key technologies for MaaS to succeed and do we need to adopt a global standard?

Could MaaS be the answer to public transport in rural areas?

What will the MaaS world look like in 5 years time?


Critical Mass for MaaS

My contribution will be a talk on the subject:  Critical mass for MaaS – Wheels, Technologies and Governance.  If MaaS ideally is an open market place for multi modal shared mobility, then how and who will make everybody in the eco system see the wisdom of opening the closed silos of individual mobility services?

If you run a private or public shared mobility service and want to open your data and API for third parties and provide mobility data to regulators and city planners then what to do?

And what’s in it for you as a mobility provider? What about competition and market share?

How do we serve our communities best introducing mobility as a service as a convenient, reliable, cost saving and trustworthy alternative to owning your own car?

Look forward to see the dynamics in the MaaS track and learn new tricks of the trade.

SFMCON is sponsoring the conference and I hope everybody picks up some inspiring takeaways from the conference. Look forward to discuss one of the hottest subjects of mobility right now: How to reach critical mass for MaaS.