Fluidtime, an Austrian IT-service provider in the fields of integrated mobility and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS),  once again invites to a symposium in Vienna under the headline: MaaS meets City – When seamless travel becomes reality.

The Symposium takes place June 7-8 in Vienna

Have a look at the program and how to attend here.

Join Alistair Kirkbridge, Carplus Executive Director, Pierre-Paul Bertiaux, Belgian Mobility Card General Manager and me in a hands on workshop defining use cases for cities, communities and the stakeholders of the MaaS ecosystem.

If MaaS was just implementing technology life was easy, however MaaS tech can only contribute in a favourable governance environment. Who should/will take the lead and how can MaaS help cities to get rid of CO2 pollution, reduce amount of parked cars and street congestion.

Lets see how far we can get in Vienna. Are you joining in?