Today it requires a bit of homework to set up shared mobility services on your smart phone: Install some 15+ apps, open accounts, register payment method and for some deliver proof of valid drivers license.

All that done, you are ready to use your personalized version of mobility as a service. See picture of my smart phone app layout. If you carry a rejsekort (national multimodal smart card) as well you are well armed for mobility action in Copenhagen.

No integration and single, separate services is the entry level of the 4 levels (0-3) of integration of MaaS services (ref. Drive Sweden and UbiGo). Multimodal planning “rejseplanen”(level 1) and integration of payment in rejsekort(level 2) is already in place for the public transport elements of mobility as a service for Copenhagen.

In total MaaS for Copenhagen is just lifting from level 0. Now we just need to find the formula for providing integration of information (level1), integration of payment (level 2) and contractual integration (level 3) to deliver a complete chain of shared mobility options from door to door.

Look forward to reduce the number of necessary apps for mobility on my smart phone.