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SFMCON Mission

Stimulate and facilitate the creation of smart mobility solutions and MaaS – Mobility as a Service.

Committed to the improving services to the user of shared mobility simplifying the travel experience further.

SFMCON is independent of solution providers and choice of technology

The use of Sharing economy and MaaS – Mobility as a Service is going to make it easier to get from A to B, especially in cities, reduce the use of private cars and contribute to the green city goal.

SFMCON, an independent management consulting company, help mobility schemes stakeholders to create integrated and smart Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions allowing seamless journeys from A to B combining use of both public and private operated shared vehicles.

The company offers consulting services for smart mobility and MaaS workshops, strategies, governance, business case, program management and processes for handling smart mobility schemes.

SFMCON services also includes all phases of smart ticketing projects from idea to roll out.

SFMCON is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and operates internationally.


In 1998 Søren Sørensen founded SFMCON, a management consulting company. SFMCON consulting services include: Smart mobility and MaaS workshops and strategies, Business Case, Program Management, Processes for handling smart mobility schemes plus Project crisis analysis and recovery.

He has since 1984 served through executive positions in companies working on large scale programs and change management in the public transport smart ticketing, credit card, video game and airlines communication businesses. Recently Søren Sørensen headed the national travelcard (rejsekort) program at DSB (Danish Railways) and Midttrafik (second largest public transport administrator in Denmark)

Søren enjoy serving as a speaker and moderator on international Smart Mobility and Ticketing conferences. 


Søren Sørensen, Msc.E.E. System Construction, is an experienced independent management consultant targeting Mobility as a Service and Smart Ticketing programs internationally. Moreover, he acts as an ambassador promoting the conversion from private car mobility to shared mobility and MaaS.

Follow Søren on https://dk.linkedin.com/in/sorenhsorensen

Phone: +45 20 42 05 12

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