What Open static data should be available Dec 1. 2019?

Trip plans and trip plan computation for all scheduled modalities such as rail, light rail, long distance coach, ferry, metro tram, bus and Trolley-bus. Standards applicable are NeTEx, TAP-TSI, SIRI and INSPIRE). Note that GTFS is not mentioned in the MMTIS NAP regulation. It might be ok to supply references to GTFS data as a supplement to the mandatory primary data format: NeTEx. (NeTEx is a richer standard than GTFS)

Location search (origin/destination) including address identifiers, topographic places and points of interest related to transport information for all modes of mobility. Standards are DATEXII and INSPIRE. These data are the baseline for GPS navigation typically found in cars and on mobile phones.

Trip plan computation for personal modes including road networks, cycle networks and pedestrian network (DATEXII, INSPIRE)

Find the complete description in Annex a of the MMTIS regulation here

Dynamic data optional

EU member countries can opt to include dynamic open data as well. If so the recommendation calls for the following to be available Dec. 1, 2019 by reference through the national access point:

  • Up to date disruption information covering all modes. (SIRI, DATEXII)
  • Real time status information for all modes including delays, cancellations plus guaranteed connection monitoring (SIRI)
  • Status of access nodes (dynamic platform information, operational lifts/escalators, entrance and exit exceptions etc.) (SIRI)

The modalities covered by the MMTIS NAP regulation

The benefits of the MMTIS NAP regulation?

All these actions are step one in securing a single open mobility data in the EU region. EFTA nations like Norway has decided to follow suit.

Anybody out there already working on how to utilize the data available through NAPs for Multimodal cross border transport information services?

In a time where more people are beginning to think about substituting short and medium range flights with train journeys there should be a market for displaying the options available for longer distance ground transport using chains of modalities to get the best travel plan that matches my requirements. Another MaaS application or a ground transport travel agency covering one or more countries?

How do you envision the use of the open data soon to become available through NAP’s throughout Europe?

More on the impact of the  MMTIS NAP regulation?

For more on the MMTIS regulation, What it takes to comply or inspiration to how to make use of the open data feel free to contact me anytime on sos@sfmcon.com