Until now GTFS has been the de facto standard for exchange of open mobility data. Very soon this may change as NeTEx will be the new standard interface that all donors of shared mobility data will have to make available and published through National Access Points for open mobility data. Users of mobility will have access to data from all mobility modes through the NAP’s and can search for the relevant data through various meta data searches.


National Access Point best practice:

Finland already has a fully operational NAP which is open for business here www.finap.fi.

All professional shared mobility providers in Finland already now have to register in FINAP. You can find 2504 different services in the Finnish NAP. Open mobility data and third party sales interfaces are mandatory in Finland. Mostly GTFS is used as standard for open mobility data where applicable. Finnish transport service providers now “just” have to publish their open data in the MMTIS regulation formats including mostly NeTEx and SIRI.


NeTEx best practice?

Norway is probably leading the migration to NeTEx as its new national planning and ticket sales platform Entur uses NeTEx for all data exchanges with the associated public transport operators and administrators. Check it out here .https://en-tur.no/


A sample journey planner page in Entur. Another interesting thing is that Entur uses open source code for its solutions. A more fun observation is that it is a non-EU member country who is in front on adapting to the new EU standard for open mobility data. Norway is an EFTA country and has adopted the MMTIS regulation in its own laws.


The Nordics leading the way to open data?

I have been part of establishing a network in the Nordics for sharing best practices for living up to the MMTIA regulation, NAP  and common profiles for open data. You can read more about the network called ODIN here: https://nordicopenmobilitydata.eu/


Have a look on the position paper to learn more about the Nordic way of open mobility data.


More about MMTIS and NAP on the ITS Eindhoven Conference June 3-6

I am speaking on the subject “TP1965 – National Access Points – getting closer to MaaS EU-wide” in the session TS02 – MaaS – governance and architecture June 3 11-12.

Click on the programme picture to go to the online programme for the ITS-Eindhoven Conference.

Hope to see you there to  discuss the impact of the MMTIS regulation. How do we make it easier for people to navigate from door to door using mobility as a service rather than (always) the private car.


More on the impact of the MMTIS NAP regulation?

For more on the MMTIS regulation, what it takes to comply or inspiration to how to make use of the open data feel free to contact me anytime on sos@sfmcon.com