National Access Points – getting closer to MaaS EU-wide

A paper I presented at the ITS Eindhoven conference June 2019

The paper highlights the regulation on the provision of EU-wide multimodal travel information and discuss the impact for the actors in the mobility eco system.
The regulation calls for standardization of formats for all traffic and travel data from all public and private modalities and the creation of a National Access Point in all EU-member countries for mobility from all mobility actors.
The regulation includes the potential to drastically improve awareness of alternatives to the use of private owned cars for mobility and increased use of ground transport as an alternative to short and medium airline routes even across borders.
The MMTIS regulation is a giant leap forward in making it possible to deliver Mobility as a Service as all possible modality options including human powered mobility can come into play when end users are looking for travel options. The only remaining obstacle now for the open MaaS market is the mandatory opening for third party sales of tickets and other mobility services. Look to Finland for inspiration on a national regulation enforcing all actors to open for third party selling off their services/tickets.

Have a read of the paper here and feel free discuss with me what impact you expect from the new regulation:

Introduction to MMTIS NAP v 2.0 Introduction to MMTIS NAP v 2.1

What is your strategy for living up to the MMTIS regulation? Contact me for a discussion.